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YOOZ Study

Yooz was born with a simple idea: to help those who dream of living and studying in Australia by providing them with lots of tips and information. It worked! The team grew and we have specialized in a tailored advisory service to our clients on this great adventure towards Australia.

Our agency specializes in providing the best quality and hence satisfactory advisory service to international students who intend to study in the Kangaroos’ land. Therefore, our team is ready to offer all the necessary support and services, revealing the best destination options, tips, and guidance on the documentation needed for the chosen courses, visa renewals and much more.

The support during all stages of the process is meant to ensure that your experience in Australia is nothing less than incredible. Our team is made from “Down Under” enthusiasts who love the people, culture, cities and magnificent landscapes.

We at Yooz would love to share everything we know with you! From Perth to Gold Coast, we have gathered all information and tips on top Australian destinations.

Here, each one of our customers is VIP! In practice, this means that we kindly help you to think about every detail, every option, so that your choices are made consciously according to your goals, dreams, and plans.

We offer an exclusive advisory service, we seek to understand the expectations of each student, helping to set goals, all to ensure you can find the best option and make the right choice for your journey.

Meet our team

Bárbara Dias

Education Sales Representative/Team Leader QEAC No: L254
Phone: +61 498 994 331
She is graduated in Tourism in Brazil, has a lot of experience in the exchange program industry and is expert in planning. She has been living in Australia for two years – during this time she lived in Brisbane for five months and, currently, she lives on the Gold Coast –, she loves the standard of living of the city.
She likes to be part of the Yooz team because she believes that one of the best things in life is helping people and take care of them with kindness. Have you decided your exchange program yet? Bárbara will love to listen to you and learn how she can help you to decide your goals and plan your future.

She was a Trade Marketing Coordinator in Brazil and she is also graduated in International Business/Administration. Patricia loves the lifestyle offered by the Gold Coast. She has been living in Australia for three years and she believes that you need to love a job to do it well – that is the reason why she enjoys being part of Yooz team. Her satisfaction in helping the students to achieve their goals is what motivates her to carry this smile that is famous around here. Pati will help you all the way thru your journey towards Australia and make it even funnier!

Patricia Rios

Education Sales Representative QEAC No: L524
Phone: +61 434 815 132

Thais Corral

Education Sales Representative QEAC No: J048
Phone: +61 424 436 998
Skype: thaisyooz

Graduated in Marketing and Sales Planning and Management, she has a resume full of experience in the exchange area. She has been living in Australia for six years, half of this time in Melbourne and the other half on the Gold Coast. She likes to be in the Yooz Team because she loves the atmosphere that the company brings to her. Her professionalism and good mood will make you feel even more confident to start this new moment of your life.

She is currently studying Logistics and already has a big experience in sales and customer service. Lais has been living on the Gold Coast for a year and a half and she fell in love with the standard of living and security offered by Australia. “My adaptability and strength to go thru obstacles daily help me to direct people who want to live the same experience as mine, no matter their age”. If you like challenges and want to handle your exchange program details with warmth and in a good mood, Laís can help you!

Laís Simão

Education Sales Representative
Phone: +61 424 288 057
Skype: laisyooz

Ananda Delevati

Education Sales Representative QEAC No: L480
Phone: +61 435 276 089
Skype: anandayooz

She is graduated and has a masters degree in Communication. Ananda always have looked for jobs in which she could help people somehow. In Australia, she has been working with supporting and exchange programs sales for two years and a half. She lived on the Gold Coast for two years, and six months ago she started working at Yooz Study’s office in Byron Bay. She loves the lifestyle, standard of living, landscapes and all the opportunities Australia offers. She enjoys working at Yooz because she knows she can help other people to make their dream to live in Australia come true and will search for the best options for you to do your exchange program with safety and peace of mind.

Carol has been living on the Gold Coast for seven years and she is graduated in Social Communication. She is in love with the social equality and cultural diversity Australia offers as much as she is in love with the Yooz Study’s purpose. As a coordinator and manager of the consulting team at Yooz Study, Carol is able to share the experience she has acquired during these years to help you to get the best of your exchange.

Carol Leoncini

Customer Service Manager QEAC No: L318
Phone: +61 433 930 741

Isabela Teixeira Abrao

Education Sales Representative
Phone: +61 481 346 691

Isabela is graduated in International Relations for Griffith University and she has been living on the Gold Coast for five years. In Brazil, she worked with sales and management, and she brings all this experience to Yooz Study. Why does she love to work here? She says that she wants to help people to live their dream and give them all the support they need to adapt themselves in Australia in the best way possible. With her kindness, Isa will help you and show you how amazing the land of the kangaroos is.

Leandro is graduated in Social Sciences and post graduated in Migration Law and Practice, having the OMARA (Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority) registration. The philosophy of giving support to every student, the fact that he had already faced this experience and understanding the importance of being heard attracted Leandro to Yooz Study. Nowadays, he represents the company in Brazil, in a head office in Rio de Janeiro, to where he has returned after living for 20 years in the land of the kangaroos. Being an Australian citizen since 2003, he lived in a lot of cities like: Sydney, Darwin, Gold Coast and Byron Bay. It makes Leandro brings to Brazil all his knowledge that will help a lot of students that are in the journey on their way to their dreams.

Leandro Mendes

Branch Managing Director MARN: 1799802
Phone: +55 (21) 22947889 / +55 (21) 993046244
Skype: lmendes33

Leticia Barros

Content Creator/Marketing Department
Phone: +61 426 209 181

Journalist, Leticia has been living in Australia for one year. With experience working in TV, advertisement and press agencies, she is in charge of the communication department at Yooz Study. All the happiness and commitment of the team attracted her to this company full of good vibes, which is the way she likes to see the world. She loves writing and she knows how important it is to keep herself informed, that is why her objective is keep the students up to date thru the social media, with hints, curiosities and everything important that happens in Australia.

It doesn't matter what you dream of, if you want to make it come true at
Oz, Yooz will help you!

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